Starting Point

I figured the best place to start would be by posting the dress itself — both the initial pictures that made me fall in love with it as well as the pictures when I tried it on the first time.

On the original photos I’ve obviously adjusted some of the contrast so the detailing is a bit more obvious. The last picture of the train is the one that really made me come back to the dress over and over again. Honestly I don’t like the ruffles on the front of the skirt, but I can’t get over how incredible the train is.






I wasn’t expecting the dress to be so small when I went to try it on, so it was admittedly a bit startling that it was so tight. You can see from the first picture that it was pretty much skin tight on me. After wearing it for about ten minutes I had to make my friends take it off of me so I could breathe.



As I’ve already said, it was the back of the dress that totally sold me. Check out that train!




One of the most incredible things about this dress is how huge the skirt is. What you see in the pictures of me wearing the dress is solely the dress itself — nothing else holding the skirt out at all. I love how much volume it has, but boy is it heavy! One of the challenges is going to be figuring out how to reinforce the skirt so that it doesn’t tear as I walk just from the sheer weight.



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