The Damage

Below are a few pictures of the damage I’ll be dealing with as I remake the dress — just to give you an idea of what I’ve got to tackle.


50 year old stains on the hemline and train




Damaged lace that will need to be re-netted (my first project)




Tear in the rotten lining fabric of the train





More stains, loose beading, and some lace detail

IMAG0357 IMAG0358 IMAG0360


More torn lace on the sleeve that will need to be repaired



One of the more serious stains in the train



On a lighter note though, look at that lace! I can’t believe how intricate it is.


The main problems with the dress are:


1. Rotten lining

2. Weak/rotten/damaged lace

3. The bodice is too small

4. Stained hem and train

5. Intense wrinkles

6. Yellowing and overall fabric weakness

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