Lace work

Last night I hand stitched for three hours and made it a whopping eight inches on the hem of the dress.
In my defense this is the learning stage, so I’m hoping things will start going faster as I get the hang of it. I thought of trying to work on the sewing machine but I’m afraid that would further tear the lace since it’s so fragile.

I have to figure out a way to make it go faster though, or I’ll never get this dress to the cleaners.

Thankfully I can see some terrific progress. The lace is noticeably stronger after the renetting and I’m not afraid of it tearing anymore. I’m sewing it all with invisible thread which gives at least wo benefits. First, it’s invisible (no duh, you say). Second, it adds a nice stiffness that will make the lace sturdier.

In other news my mom found a veil for me in Nebraska for a dollar. That’s right, ONE DOLLAR. It’s a hideous 80s monstrosity that looks like it belongs in a horror film, but after taking a few stitches out I discovered over 20 feet of usable netting. And then I found a head piece ay Charming Charlies over the weekend which was on sale for $10. All in all I feel extremely successful this week. I’ll post some pictures of everything later!