Moving Forward

I just got off the phone with Heritage and I gave the go-ahead on the gown and I’ve set up the payment plan! I opted for a rush fee as well which ultimately ended up being covered by our military discount (yay!).

They said the dress was some type of silk, though they weren’t sure it was 100% natural fibers. All in all she said it should hold up well in the cleaning process. It isn’t horribly yellowed so the whitening process should go well and the lace also seems strong enough, she said. The only problem could be the metal buttons on the back of the dress – some of which are exhibiting signs of rust. She said if they looked like they would be a problem they would remove the buttons and clean them separately.

With the rush fee I’m looking at seeing my dress again in possibly a month! I’m incredibly excited and more than a little nervous. The waiting game commences, but it’s nice to have some wedding-dress-free time to focus on other things like Save the Dates, catering, and the fifty thousand other details that go into a wedding.

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