Still being cleaned…but almost done!

After not hearing an update on my dress in close to a month and a half, I emailed them yesterday to check up on the dress and see how it was holding up.

They replied within a few hours and said that lace came through nicely, which I was pretty worried about. It is a little limp and may need sizing to give it body again, which doesn’t surprise me either since it was that way when I sent it off.”There are some holes (old and -few- new) but most of it looks great,” they reported.

Apparently there’s a stain on the train that is giving them trouble since it refuses to come out – that seems to be what’s taking the extra time. It also sounds like they even stitched up some of the tears in the train to distribute the weight of the dress better, which is really awesome.

They were extremely apologetic that the dress wasn’t done within the usual 2 week time frame for rush orders. I honestly don’t care that it’s taking a bit longer (I was expecting that given the size and weakness of the dress) but their awesome customer service just makes me happier and more confident in their abilities.

If all goes well the dress should be finished and shipped out by the end of this week! So watch for an update next week when I get the dress and see it for the first time all clean!

One thought on “Still being cleaned…but almost done!

  1. says:

    Alli, Thanks for the update. We hope that all continues to go well. Don’t worry. It all works out in the end.

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