The sleeves are finished! Well, at least the beading.

I’ve been spending my lunch breaks sewing in my car (I get quite a few weird looks), so progress is coming literally an hour at a time.


The most noteworthy update is that my fiance’s sister’s best friend happens to be a seamstress, and sat down with me for a few hours to discuss the dress.

The best advice she gave was to get a longline bra and rebuild the dress around that, so the weight of the skirt wouldn’t be on the bodice.

I ordered a bra, and it looks like its going to be perfect. I can’t believe i didnt come up with that idea on my own!

My favorite part of meeting up eith her was when she pointed out that the shoulders had been taken up. I couldn’t believe I missed that too! But sure enough, I ripped out the seams and got another inch – a huge deal for my funky shoulders.


The lace was so hard to differentiate from the stiches, i had go rip the seams out a stitch at a time with a pin.


There’s more to go over, but this will have to do for now 😊