Catching Up

Oh goodness, so much has happened with the dress…let’s see about doing this in pictures 🙂

The first irresistible thing I did to the dress was replace the front panel. The ugly ruffles went out and the brand new lace came in.


I had three full days of uninterrupted sewing in February, because we got three feet of snow. I was snowed in from Friday until Wednesday, and got a lot done.


After replacing the front panel, I reattached the chantilly lace by hand.
Only after handsewing it through the lace and the lining did I realize I should have only sewed it to the lace. Oh well, too much work to take out now 😉


The dress laid undisturbed for about a month until I got together withmy maid of honor to recreate the bodice. We used the fabric from the front ruffles to build the front of the bodice, which we formed around the longline bra.

We used a princess seam to get the initial shape, and then added darts from the side seams to finish.

My maid of honor has most of the pictures, but this was our initial pattern draft for the side panel. Clearly we’re professionals…


After making the bodice strapless I had to rebuild sheer armholes and straps. We took the old armhole and traced it onto paper to use as a inverted pattern.


Because the netting was so stretchy,  i had to baste it while still attached to the pattern. In the end, I still stretched the armholes and shoulders out by having to wear it without putting the lace over it, so I have to make a new set of armholes.


We used another front ruffle to create the drop waist. It looks kinda like a peplum here, but we ended up triming it to fit the scallop of the lace.


New (in progress) back.


And front!

We didn’t get the skirt attached,  and I’m not satisfied with the current pleating we did, so I borrowed a dress form from a friend at church and will hopefully repleat the skirt sometime in the next week or two, and attach it to the longline bra.


Unrelated: while picking out bridesmaid dresses with my girls I came across this dress and snapped a couple pictures of the beading. This is what I’m going to roughly base the beading on.



So what’s left?

1. Remake the shoulders.
2. Drop the lace on the bodice to cover up the weird holes, and cover the holes in the back too.
3. Reattach the sleeves.
4. Line the train.
5. Pleat and attach the skirt.
6. Bustle the skirt.


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