It’s here and beautiful!!

As I said, my dress came in on Friday. When I opened up the box I was stunned – the dress is so white! So much whiter than I ever imagined it could be. I have absolutely no idea how Heritage Gown managed to clean it so well, but it’s absolutely perfect and if it weren’t for the tears it looks brand new!

I tried it on last night, but like the forgetful person that I am, I didn’t snap any pictures. I’ve been on a pretty intense workout program for the last two months, and even though I haven’t stuck to the nutrition part like I should I’ve still lost some excess fat, so when I put the dress on it fit better than it ever has before! Talk about amazing motivation.

Like I mentioned before, I removed the sewn in crinoline in the dress before I sent it to be cleaned because the crinoline was weak and tearing – and also incredibly uncomfortable. While the dress was away I got two huge crinolines from my parents’ house that I’d had growing up so I was able to try them on with the dress for the first time last night. Let me just say one thing: WOW. It was so beautiful I almost cried.

One unexpected (and awesome!) thing from the cleaning was that the taffeta is now extremely soft. When I sent the dress off, the fabric was stiff, shiny, and a bit brittle. When I got it back it’s softer and not quite as shiny. Though it’s still definitely weak and thin I think the fact that it’s softer will actually make the fabric more durable.

So there you have it! The dress is back, I’m in love with it, and I can’t wait to get started on it again!



That’s right. By the end of the week we should have a glorious reunion.

Waiting for Shipment!

Not five minutes after telling a co-worker that I hadn’t heard any updates on my dress I received an email stating that my dress is awaiting shipment!

That’s right, she’s all done and about to come home! I’m so excited and absolutely can’t wait to see how it turned out. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

While the dress will have been packed in a box for shipping, it was pressed before being shipped, so this is also the first time I’ll see it in a non-completely wrinkled state.

Moving Forward

I just got off the phone with Heritage and I gave the go-ahead on the gown and I’ve set up the payment plan! I opted for a rush fee as well which ultimately ended up being covered by our military discount (yay!).

They said the dress was some type of silk, though they weren’t sure it was 100% natural fibers. All in all she said it should hold up well in the cleaning process. It isn’t horribly yellowed so the whitening process should go well and the lace also seems strong enough, she said. The only problem could be the metal buttons on the back of the dress – some of which are exhibiting signs of rust. She said if they looked like they would be a problem they would remove the buttons and clean them separately.

With the rush fee I’m looking at seeing my dress again in possibly a month! I’m incredibly excited and more than a little nervous. The waiting game commences, but it’s nice to have some wedding-dress-free time to focus on other things like Save the Dates, catering, and the fifty thousand other details that go into a wedding.